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on the job as far in the u.s.. if those numbers come out greater than expected, that might be bad. and that combined with the level of the market right now, that may be a natural place for people to sell the market. but we'd be buying those dips. ok, are you concerned about the very low volume in the markets today? there is very low volumes in the markets today. that's probably due to all the moy still flowing into bond funds. that's at least the latest data we've seen is just tremendously flowing into bond funds and not coming back into the market. that's why we think if you're in the market now, most people start to get a little more appetite for risk. the bond market is starting to come down now and that money does start flowing into stock funds, you might be in pretty good place. ok, for now it's kind of just wait and see. because we have to see sustained closes above 1120. yes we do, but i think we can possibly get it. the nasdaq on wednesday quells a little above 2300. and that's really a good mark. again, we see a lot good stocks with a really solid fundamentals trading at
everybody and thank you for joining us it is tuesday september 14th. investors are once again piling back into financial stocks. some analysts say that new capital requirements from the basil committee on banking supervision can actually boost the chance for banks to bring back those dividends once again and that has been bullish for the overall market's, yet some traders are still pretty cautious. caution is always in the air. i am happy that you mentioned the rally that has been happening in the market. keep in mind that president obama came out on friday talking about the details of his economic plan plus you had john baner who is a republican in congress talking about actually agreeing with some tax hikes even though some senators say they will. anything that brings certainty to the market causes a rally. that has definitely been a factor. in other news pacific gas and electric sets up a $100 billion fund for residents of san bruno california in the neighborhood where a gas pipeline exploded last week and households could receive up to $50,000 depending on the extent of the damage to
debt as much as we used to. that is good news there. we also have gains in the grain market. that's take a look at etf dba, it is agricultural etf and it is at one-year highs. politics and money are likely to dominate the internet and airwaves.president obama plans to hold a news conference later today to detail economic proposals he laid out earlier this week.among the president's plans to keep the economy growing-- and spur job growth-- he wants to allow businesses to write off 100% of their investments in equipment and plants through 2011, expand and make permanent a research and development tax credit, plus, pump $50 billion into updating roads, rails and runways.all the while control of congress is up for grabs. and with the mid term elections coming up in november the president needs to win the approval of voters as well as lawmakers. this saturday marks the 9 year anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks adolfo laurenti deputy chief economist at mesirow financial was at a conference in the world trade center towers on that day, 9 years ago.he says we've learned a
from other traders as well. thank you for joining us ira epstein / the linn group. we are now joined by joe cusick / options express. can gold and stocks go up at the same time? it doesn't seem to make sense. you typically would not see that but we are actually seeing another precious metal silver which is also a industrial metal because it is used in allot of chips and things of that nature in the industrial side. it is actually outperforming gold so as people move in to gold because they are hearing potential quantitative easing and the potential for long-term inflation you see stocks coming in and people participating in those. gold is going up as well because of a weak dollar but silver is outperforming it. that is telling us that the industrials could be performing well which is always good for stocks. do you think that traders are seeing this rally in stocks over the last week or so as an opportunity to sell in to that rally? i think you are seeing some of the swing traders. the short-term traders. you are seeing them take advantage of selling into this rally. what we are reall
a really bad trend with wage growth. the u.s. labor market has seen a broad base collapse of wage growth over the last two years. the hot button topic of social security has people chicago protestors against privatizing social security and members of the tea party movement voiced their views.while stumping at a political fundraiser for a tea party candidate republican congressman paul ryan- talked to the crowd about moving medicare and social security away from full government control. " it's not to say i got it all figured out here all the only ideas it is to say america it is not too late to fix these problems it is not too late to turn the corner health retirement security while paying off our national debt making the next generation better off." outside demonstrators showed signs of fear that a government that would put social security in the hands of wall street would be creating a huge risk." this is my understanding that the federal law states that a the first obligation is to the shareholders so if they take over social security they would not have any obligation
about that we are certainly in a holding pattern. i think one of the things that has us stuck in here today of course is we are dealing with the expiration of the stock index futures, stock- index options and stock options as well. a lot of traders here like nothing better than a slow steady expiration. it is a lot easier to figure out what options are exercised and what options are assigned. going forward it certainly seems like this indecision about elections, the economic uncertainty probably keeps us stuck in a range until we get a better idea. we do have earnings coming up, hopefully they will provide better support for the market but it seems a lot of traders expect that we have seen the worst here, that we have had a slow down and that's about as worse as things are going to get here at this moment. we would certainly like to see some improvement on the employment data and the housing data. we have a gold reaching another high and it is probably because of this uncertainty we have going. no doubt about it the economic uncertainty, the currency volatility as well have been pret
seen that leveling off is alot better is encouraging for us." we caught up to mike nichols, bp of operations education and economics for the national business avaition association. surrounded by plush jets ready to be fired up, nichols describes how the private aviation industry follows the ups and downs of the economy. one of the biggest downers was when executives from the big three automakers took their private jets and landed on capital hill asking for a $25 billion dollar bailout. "the image of those three coming to washington was harmful for the industry and left a negative and false impression in the minds of policy makers and the minds of the media." in the execs defense, nichols contends they may have been doing business on board. and, since that infamous dc trip, the nbaa is on damage control promoting a no plane, no gain strate which he says points out "private aircrafts help create 150 billion dollars in economic development, support 1.2 million dollars in high wage jobs, improve company productivity, gain access to medium and small regions that don't have major air
to fail situation. so hopefully taxpayer money would never be used again to save these big banks. and angie, you're going to take a closer look at the jobs coming up. in the meantime, traders are also watching for a big market reaction to that report out before the opening bell. now for more on the oil platform that caught on fire in the gulf of mexico yesterday. texas company mariner-energy owns and operates the platform which is designed to pump oil from an underground well located 100 miles south of vermillion bay, louisiana and 200 miles west of bp's broken well. the company said 13 crew members were rescued. this week, the company's oil platform was producing 9 million cubic feet of natural gas and 14 hundred barrels of oil each day. these are pictures from mariner-energy's website of its oil platforms. it says it's among the largest independent oil and gas companies operating in the gulf of mexico. this one day chart of mariner energy stock shows the price fell sharply in the middle of the day on thursday, then recovered most of the loss closing down more than 2%. this seco
this litte tiny bit of wheat out of the commodity system and using it as a way to nourish people as opposed to a vehicle for investment."if it were an investment kavage would be sitting on a pile of the spring of 2010 she payed around $4.50 a bushel months later the price of wheat surged to nearly $8.50 a bushel.even though it brought in a lesson. "this summer we had a huge spike in the price of wheat and now we have food riots in mozambique because people can't afford to pay for bread. kavage estimates her total cost to own, mill and store her commodity-- was around $15,000 dollars.frequently, she packs up several pounds of her flour to give away to soup kitchens, food banks or anyone interested in baking.she doubts her return on investment will come from a monetary aspect." maybe at some point, but i'm not expecting that." kavage does take in financial donations.she tells me she has recouped about half the money she spent in her personal wheat project. thanks angie cotton prices are now at 15 year highs at just under one dollar a pound.they've jumped almost 30% in the past mont
's a quick trick that some traders use to get a feel for what's gone on with the economy and the markets. they take a look at the xal. this is the airline industry etx. it is a basket of airline stocks. during the past few days it has rallied in a few dollars and over the last year it has nearly doubled. airlines are very much tied to what's going on with the economy. hopefully they will continue to be profitable. in the meantime bp's oil cleanup costs have reached $8 billion. this week, president obama said he will unveil new ideas to boost job growth he plans to make another announcement in the days ahead where he will talk about a broader package aimed at accelerating job creation so far this year, more than 700-thousand jobs have been created both in the government and private sectors.the president once again called on congress to pass a small business jobs bill when it gets back into session later this month.the bill would set up a 30 billion dollar lending fund so that small businesses can borrow money to grow their would also eliminate capital gains taxes on key inves
,000 a year. the other 2% for those making $600,000, a million that costs really costs us $70 billion dollars a year. convincing the senate, let alone business leaders in this room, could prove to be a challenge that now is the time for the government to tax more, not less, on the wealthy. the 1% of americans that are the high income you could argue that they could share a little bit more of their wealth, but when you get into taxing businesses that are set up as individuals, that deters growth. it's a very tricky situation and one that requires leadership, it's not politics, it's leadership. " raising taxes on wealthy individuals which is where a lot of the investment and entreprenerial innovation comes from so i don't necessarily agree with all his views but i like him as a senator." the senator says he hopes a vote happens in september on the jobs bill that could help get loans to small businesses.on another topic he says while social security is safe for the next 27 years the deficit commission wants to find a way to add on another 75 years to make social security avaiable. as disappoin
pointing fingers. plus, gold continues to shine. but investors beware in using the precious metal as a safe haven. and how to plan for retirement without social security. those stories and more on today's first business. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis and today's investment ideas. good morning everyone, thanks for joining us. it's thursday, september 9th. and stocks are trying to make it back into positive territory for 2010. but it's definitely been a struggle. and there's really a tug-of-war between the bulls and bears angie. and beejal, on thin trading volumes. we just got through the labor day holiday. people just getting back to work, and today is rosh hashanah. so happy new year. but again like a holiday on the trading floors. exactly angie. in the meantime, the debate over extending the bush tax cuts will start to heat up pretty soon. the president says america cannot afford to extend those tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. gold recently closed at a record $1,259 an ounce. the price of the precious metal has had a stellar performance this year
's investment ideas good morning and thank you for joining us it's wednesday september 8th. gold is reaching record highs and believe it or not some are saying it's not because investors are nervous again. we will find out more coming up later. we'll have that story and we want to mention the final numbers from the box office are in and it looks the film industry made about 4.35 billion dollars, but guess what? you paid more for those tickets. and sales were up by about 2% from last year so that wasn't that bad. ticket prices are going up year after year. bp says it will issue the results of its own internal investigation into the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the big question is how much blame will bp actually take for its role in the disaster and how much of the blame will they try to throw on other people like trans ocean and halliburton. today, the president heads to cleveland, ohio - to unveil yet another plan to boost job creation. in a speech, mr. obama is expected to introduce a 200 billion dollar tax cut - to give companies an incentive to buy new computers and other
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13